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Crowd Cooks solves your weekly food planning

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Two ready to eat meals for your family (up to 6 people), delivered to your door on Sunday 27 January between 6 and 8 pm. 
Order before Wednesday 23 January, 5 pm. Prices range from € 10,50 per portion (2 people) to € 8,20 per portion (for 6 people) - The delivery costs represent an extra 3,9€ per order.

Ingredients: Chicken (chicken filet, mushrooms, light soy sauce, mirin, oyster sauce, cinnamon, star anise); Basmati Rice (olive oil); carrot (orange peel, olive oil, salt).

Marinated soy chicken with steamed rice and tangy carrots

Slow cooking allows for incomparable tenderness. Served with rice and carrots seasoned with orange for an original touch to this Asian-inspired dish.

Ingredients: Hotchpotch (green lentils, celeriac, carrots, butternut, sweet potato, butter, agave syrup, cumin, salt); Braised shallots (vegetable stock, red wine, agave syrup, olive oil, thyme, bay leaf, salt, pepper).

Root vegetable hotchpotch with braised shallots

This combination of sweet potato, celery root, carrots and pumpkin is both creamy and comforting - the perfect food for this cold season. The braised shallots give this dish a savory satisfaction…


Two ready to eat meals for your family (up to 6 people), delivered to your door on Sunday 3 February between 6 and 8 pm. 
Order before Wednesday 30 January, 5 pm. Prices range from € 10,50 per portion (2 people) to € 8,20 per portion (for 6 people) - The delivery costs represent an extra 3,9€ per order.

Ingredients: Chicken (chicken drumsticks, sunflower oil, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, salt, pepper); Couscous (chicken stock, butter, lemon, olive oil, almonds, sage, salted capers); Brussels sprouts (butter, salt, pepper).

Five spices chicken thighs with lemon couscous and Brussels sprouts

This slow cooked chicken dish is spicy but not ‘hot’ and an interesting combination of Middle Eastern herbs and lemon zest.

Ingredients: leak, potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, milk, cheese, butter, olive oil, rosemary, nutmeg, salt.

Leak and potato bake with Jerusalem artichoke topping

One of the forgotten vegetables that we are so happy to see returned is the Jerusalem artichoke. We have used it here to replace the traditional bechamel…. a solution that is not only healthy but also more tasty!


Two diner meals for your family delivered every week on Sunday at your doorstep (6 to 8 pm). If you make your first order before Wednesday (5 pm), you will be delivered on Sunday.

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10% DISCOUNT every week compared to our non-subscription offer !

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Simply order via our website. We propose 2 new meals every week (1 veggie and 1 meat based). Orders are possible until Wednesday 5 pm prior to delivery day. 



We deliver your Crowd Cooks meals at your doorstep from 6 to 8 pm on Sunday night (or exceptionally on Monday night if it's a public holiday).



Our meals are sealed in vacuum bags and can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days after delivery or even frozen if needed. 



All you have to do is warm up your meals during your busy weekday evenings. It only takes 15 mins in hot water. Alternatively, you can use a microwave.



Simply enjoy your dinner with your loved ones. 



You had zero stress to prepare the dinner and you have no kitchen cleaning to do. Enjoy the moment and be completely relaxed before going to bed.



As we know, time is precious and keeps ticking away. The passing of time is so much more fulfilling when we share it with family and friends, those that we are close to in our daily lives.

At Crowd Cooks, we believe that caring for others begins with respect for your own body and mind. With balanced and tasty meals and a good dose of free time, a healthy body will allow us to focus on what is truly precious: like being a caring friend or colleague or attentive parents and successful professionals.

Free up that one precious hour a day to focus on what really matters. Crowd Cooks commits to being your reliable partner -- relieving you of your daily cooking tasks.


The Crowd Cooks team is made up of three passionate and complementary entrepreneurs: David, Talina and Sofie. The three of us are at different stages in our lives but we are all experiencing similar issues in our daily routine: like how should we balance professional and personal life? In this context we created Crowd Cooks with the desire to fix that recurring issue of good food on busy weekday evenings once and for all.

Business Manager

For David (French, father of twins) Crowd Cooks answers perfectly the weekly struggles of his own family. With two kiddos that have no idea what it really means for parents to work, cook and take care of them, Crowd Cooks is a relieve.

David is an entrepreneur and a well recognized business manager.

Food Manager

For Talina (Dutch, mother of four) Crowd Cooks is in many ways the fulfilment of a dream. A profound love and understanding of cooking as well as enjoying the time a family spends at the table have driven her to start this business.

Talina knows what adults and kids like to eat and how it should be prepared in a healthy and safe way (she's an expert in veterinary aspects of public health).

Communication Manager

Sofie is a creative mind inspired by the world and passionate about healthy eating.

Her journalistic background and culinary studies are a real asset for the company.




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