Preparation & Storage

How long can I keep my dishes?

We pride ourselves on a minimum refrigerated shelf life of five days, so Friday evening of the week following delivery is the best by date. This gives you the flexibility to consume the dishes when you want to that working week. We cannot ensure the food is fit for consumption after these five days. 

What are the best ways to reheat dishes?

Place the closed bags in hot but not boiling water for 15 minutes. Alternatively you can use your microwave: Take the food out of the bags and place in an appropriate microwave dish. Reheat around 5 minutes at 750W. Stir halfway. Of course, your microwave may be less powerful or have different settings. If the indicated warm-up time is not satisfactory then extend in 20-second sequences. In some cases, the instructions will be different, as is the case for our oven dishes, but we will always make sure that it is easy and quick and that no real cooking is involved at your end. For the best result, we recommend you stick to the preparation instructions provided with the meals. 

 Can I freeze my food for later use?

Yes, you can freeze your dishes (before they expire) for later consumption (we recommend max 3 months at -18°C).