Why invest in Crowd Cooks?

For me Crowd Cooks is the celestial adventure that triggered the first day of the rest of my life. A new life where the focus is on the present that beats to the rhythm of the excitement, the sleepless nights, the endless reflections and the wonderful encounters. A faith in the future of a project that I can only see achieving success.



& soul

An idea that came out of nowhere

but will go far...very far!

On May 20th, I met the Crowd Cooks acolytes, lurking in a real furnace in their shared kitchen. After all, this first image is the authentic representation of what Crowd Cooks embodies!

An unbounded perseverance completed by a genious complementarity. It is certainly no coincidence that we have met!

After 5 months of adventure, I decided to be a full member of the team and invest in the project.

Putting together a crowdfunding campaign for a local start-up like Crowd Cooks means investing with your body and soul. That applies to entrepreneurs (all the shades of grey in David's hair prove it) but also those of you devoting time, effort and funds to make this a success.

It’s you folks that are 200% convinced and who support the healthy and convenient side of Crowd Cooks meals, who will become influencers and brand ambassadors.

You have to move heaven and earth to increase the brand's visibility, justify and find the necessary funds for development and never, ever, lose perseverance or fear falling into oblivion...

The launch of a crowdfunding campaign is crucial and I am hoping for a smooth landing at the first stopover. Our first and revolutionary supporters (I'm talking about you, dear investors) will benefit from priority boarding and the added satisfaction of being able to sit in business class next to David Gere, Talina Roberts, Sofie Coppola and Michel Douglas. Priceless don’t you think?

Once everyone is onboard, you can finally take off for the destination, chat with your charming neighbour, read the great Crowd Books blog and enjoy a good sous vide-cooked vegetable curry.

Crowd Cooks hopes to unite a community committed to this ambitious project. If it works out we will make your overloaded daily life easier by keeping the crowd happy with healthy food.

So, yes, I am investing because, frankly, what is
the likelihood of meeting, and supporting
the creators of an idea that is gonna go far...very far?!


Until we meet again!


Partner ;) & Communication Manager