Get those Goosebumps going...

A few hours to go before the scariest night of the year, you probably still need to work out the final details of your demonic party. It may feel like there's something supernatural at work when the hair on your neck stands up and goose bumps cover your body…

Of course, you augured an alley full of levitating ghosts, a haunted mansion surrounded by a dense forest, a one-eyed female butler in a black dress and a vampire bat race...

But, witchcraft and magic are still on your to-do list from last year! So still no miracle 12 months later, we'll have to think about a plan B! Fortunately, you had the good idea to consult Crowd Books to get some smart and cheap advice.


Well if we can't highlight our dark side tomorrow night, we might as well close shop and all go home! So let's do this…


The front door

Simple scary stuff: a few organic pumpkins, an old white sheet, an indelible marker and Bob’s your uncle!


Give your cocktails a memorable twist by giving them a bloody look and an evil name: Spiritztual, Sangriacula and alcohol free Gizmo! Cheers!


Put a pumpkin in plain view: Best case you will find a few coins ("It's a fund collection for the purchase of my mansion", you’ll lie), worst case they will have understood that they need to vote for their girlfriend’s irrelevant Cinderella costume. She would love to be designated Queen of Evil... Fair enough, Miss!


I am not a make-up aficionado per-se so I would definitively suggest you rehash last year's mask ! That’d be enough, recycling is good for the Planet!


You gave them endless goose bumps; they leave with the prospect of 3-day insomnia and a hangover! Your guests deserve a little treat!

cadeau de sortie.png

Shake their meathooks and see ya next year!

A pack of transparent gloves, an assortment of candy and a beautiful bow!

If you haven't had the courage to organise a witches bonfire or a neighborhood trick or treat, call me and we'll go for a walk in the woods... in a well-lit part of Brussels, accompanied by children, it's more reassuring!


Have fun!

And don't forget the sweets for the kids, they will look after you in return...