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About us

What does Crowd Cooks offer?

We like to think generosity is one of our Crowd Cooks' qualities, which is why we are offering you many advantages: 

  1. Family meals prepared with seasonal and local ingredients. 

  2. Balanced menus based on recommended intake of protein, fibre and vitamins. 

  3. A next gen home caterer relieving you of your weekly evening tasks by offering you a variety of meals that will please the whole family.

  4. A service that offers you that one special hour of free time per day! No shopping, no dishes, no cooking: everything is ready.

  5. Our balanced and great tasting menus change every week

Who is behind Crowd Cooks?

The Crowd Cooks team is made up of three passionate and complementary entrepreneurs: David, Talina and Sofie.

The three of us are at different stages in our lives but we are all experiencing similar issues in our daily routine: like how should we balance professional and personal life? In this context we created Crowd Cooks with the desire to fix that recurring issue of good food on busy weekday evenings once and for all.

How to contact us?

You can contact us in PM on Facebook Messenger (, by email ( or by phone (0472559180). We always work as hard as we can to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.