The Crowd Cooks team is made up of three passionate and complementary entrepreneurs: David, Talina and Sofie. The three of us are at different stages of our lives but we all share a common problem: how can you find a better balance between your professional and personal life? This gave us the initial inspiration to set up Crowd Cooks: ready made meals that can be eaten at any time of the week to relieve busy evenings.

Business Manager

For David (French, father of twins) Crowd Cooks answers perfectly the weekly struggles of his own family. With two kiddos that have no idea what it really means for parents to work, cook and take care of them, Crowd Cooks is a relieve.

David is an entrepreneur and a well recognized business manager.

Food Manager

For Talina (Dutch, mother of four) Crowd Cooks is in many ways the fulfilment of a dream. A profound love and understanding of cooking as well as enjoying the time a family spends at the table have driven her to start this business.

Talina knows what adults and kids like to eat and how it should be prepared in a healthy and safe way (she's an expert in veterinary aspects of public health).

Communication Manager

Sofie is a creative mind inspired by the world and passionate about healthy eating.

Her journalistic background and culinary studies are a real asset for the company.


The Crowd Cooks philosophy is simple. Convenient quality is our mantra. Our ready made food box gives you that weekday flexibility with professionally home cooked meals. This is healthy eating made easy and accessible in the Brussels region. We’ll surprise you with dishes you would never have time to prepare and give back those precious hours you would otherwise be spending in the kitchen. That’s what we are about — and we know what a difference it can make from our loyal customers!


The Crowd Cooks team focuses on its core business: Customer experience through the creation of recipes adapted to active families and quality customer service. Our two key partners take care of the production of the dishes, based on Crowd Cooks recipes, and the delivery.

Great Food Solutions has a creative and talented kitchen staff that excels in showcasing seasonal, fresh and quality ingredients. Shippr is a dynamic company with a fleet of more than 100 drivers who will always deliver with a smile.