As we know, time is precious and keeps ticking away. The passing of time is so much more fulfilling when we share it with family and friends, those that we are close to in our daily lives.

At Crowd Cooks, we believe that caring for others begins with respect for your own body and mind. With balanced and tasty meals and a good dose of free time, a healthy body will allow us to focus on what is truly precious: like being a caring friend or colleague or attentive parents and successful professionals.

Free up that one precious hour a day to focus on what really matters. Crowd Cooks commits to being your reliable partner -- relieving you of your daily cooking tasks.


The Crowd Cooks team is made up of three passionate and complementary entrepreneurs: David, Talina and Sofie. The three of us are at different stages in our lives but we are all experiencing similar issues in our daily routine: like how should we balance professional and personal life? In this context we created Crowd Cooks with the desire to fix that recurring issue of good food on busy weekday evenings once and for all.

Business Manager

For David (French, father of twins) Crowd Cooks answers perfectly the weekly struggles of his own family. With two kiddos that have no idea what it really means for parents to work, cook and take care of them, Crowd Cooks is a relieve.

David is an entrepreneur and a well recognized business manager.

Food Manager

For Talina (Dutch, mother of four) Crowd Cooks is in many ways the fulfilment of a dream. A profound love and understanding of cooking as well as enjoying the time a family spends at the table have driven her to start this business.

Talina knows what adults and kids like to eat and how it should be prepared in a healthy and safe way (she's an expert in veterinary aspects of public health).

Communication Manager

Sofie is a creative mind inspired by the world and passionate about healthy eating.

Her journalistic background and culinary studies are a real asset for the company.