Every day, most people around the world ask the same question over and over, "what's for dinner?”.  

After an intense day of work and faced with an empty fridge, the weekly stress comes as we have no idea (or new idea) for the dinner meal. We usually have no time for the grocery shopping (we have to pick up the kids at school) and frankly have no more energy to cook when we finally get home. We would also like to eat healthy food, but affordability is an issue and going out for dinner every day doesn’t work either.

That’s why we created Crowd Cooks, so that parents can spend more quality time with their children by saving time in the kitchen. Most of us prefer a relaxing chat, short game or even some homework support to cooking and tidying up the kitchen every evening.

Crowd Cooks guarantees a product that provides first class nutritional value made from responsibly sourced food. Our dishes are well balanced and made with seasonal ingredients.  

Why these amazing vegetarian dishes?

Most of us agree that it would be good to eat a little less meat… even if you love meat, eating a good vegetarian meal can be a joy. The difficulty is that we aren’t used to the recipes. We didn’t necessarily grow up with parents cooking vegetarian food so these dishes don’t come naturally. Also true is that many good vegetarian dishes simply take a little longer to prepare than some of the more common meat dishes.

This is why we intend to create amazing vegetarian dishes with responsibly sourced ingredients, respecting the nutritional balance (fibres, proteins, carbohydrates,…) and all you need to do is reheat them and enjoy! It has never been easier to contribute to a sustainable global society.

Why vacuum bags ?

We realize and understand that you don’t like the use of plastic, neither do we! However, we don’t want to put any preservatives in your food and the use of our sous vide cooking technique allows us to produce amazing fresh food without any additives. You'll be happy to hear that we minimize the use of plastic wherever we can. We order our ingredients to be delivered in bulk – no plastic involved apart from the plastic you see!

Crowd Cooks is a Belgian Food Tech start up.